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Name:Sikozu Shanu
Sikozu is a Kalish who grew up in Scarran-controlled space. She becomes an expert (albeit a book expert) on Leviathans, and eventually goes to work for a pirate group who are harvesting toubray fibers from dying Leviathans in the Leviathans' sacred burial space. She meets Crichton while he is aboard the Leviathan Elack.

After rejoining the crew Sikozu comes aboard and allies herself with Scorpius, and eventually takes a place at his side after being kicked off Moya. During the Scarran - Peacekeeper war, it is revealed both that she is a Scarran spy and that Scorpius had known this all along. He beats her up and leaves her on the water planet, which then appears to be destroyed by the wormhole weapon.

Sikozu has many strange physical quirks including an ability to rebond to body parts which have been severed, if they can be found, and an intolerance of translator microbes. Oddest of all is her trick of altering her centre of gravity to walk straight up walls or stand on the ceiling. She is highly intelligent, but remains young, inexperienced and presumptuous.

Appearance: Sikozu is a short, tiny little thing, with long, curly very red hair, gold-tinged skin with an almost holographic diamond pattern on certain areas (her arms, sides of her face), and neon green eyes. Pictures for reference.

Sikozu Shanu is from the television/comic series Farscape, and is the property of Henson Studios. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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